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Spa Extras

on November 14, 2013

Perfect additions for our Build Your Own Basket!







Body Massager










Large Hand Held Massager











Hand Massager











Light Massager












Foot Pumice & Nail Brush

$6                                      $3




















herbal eye mask


Herbal Refillable Sleep Mask

ingredients: organic eyebright, organic lavender, organic chamomile, organic flaxseed, organic peppermint, organic rose petals,  organic elderflower, organic lemonbalm, organic bilberry, lavender and fennel essential oil







Available but not photographed

Herbal Eyemask Refills

$4 set of 2

Herbal Neck Wrap


Body Brush







Product Options
#OptionPriceSales TaxDownloadFile SizeStock
10$0.00Band 1 8
20$0.00Band 1 7
30$0.00Band 1 7
40$0.00Band 1 7
50$0.00Band 1 5
60$0.00Band 1 5
Additional Options
Spa Extras
1Massager - Body Roller$12.00
2Massager - Large Hand Held$12.00
3Massager - Medium Hand Held$12.00
4Massager - Light$12.00
6Foot Pumice$6.00
7Nail Brush$3.00
8Herbal Sleep Mask $10.00
9Herbal Sleep Mask refills$4.00
10Herbal Neck Wrap$12.00
11Body Brush$10.00
Shipping Rate: B
Order massagers&sponges 0

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