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on April 3, 2013

The Morse house 2013 wm

SUCCESS!!! As you know yesterday was World Autism Awareness Day, the most important day to Light It Up Blue,  and didn’t this town LIGHT IT UP BLUE!!!!!!!!!  I can’t tell you how stunned I am by the show of support that our little communities have shown for this spectacular event.  Way back in February I ordered 75 light bulbs hoping to be able to sell at least 50 of them.  Those first 75 bulbs were gone inside of 4 days!  The people I have seen wearing our bracelets, pins or t-shirts is nothing short of amazing to me. It sends me right over the moon every time I think about all the love and enthusiasm that people have shown for our autistic community! I am so proud to call Houlton, Maine my hometown.  I can’t thank our local radio station, WHOU-FM, enough for their hard work and dedication in helping spread the word. They rustled up radio sponsors to help get the word out, sold merchandise for me and mentioned how awesome Lighting It Up Blue is at every chance they got.  Without our local media, especially WHOU, this event would not have been as popular as it was, no doubt about it. My goals for this year was 15 businesses and 25 homes.  Goal accomplished!!!!!

Ready for some of our stats?

(Registered) Individuals with ASD in Aroostook County: 111

 Number of Bulbs sold: 250 (sold out!)

Radio sponsors: 20

Participating Businesses: 23

T-Shirts sold: 85

Countries that viewed this blog during the month of March: 12

Amount of money that was raised: $903.50

2 LIUB 2013

Next year will be bigger and better! I had a LOT of people asking about t-shirts. I only focused on Dominic’s school for this first year but next year it will be town wide, I promise!  My biggest mistake was taking this task on all by myself but I honestly didn’t think LIUB would catch on as fast as it did!  Next year there will be teams, sponsors, plenty of bulbs and merchandise galore!  More businesses will be selling the merchandise as well.  These are my goals for 2014! If you are interested in being on a team please contact me I am hoping to have 3 people in each of our smaller communities: Island Falls, Patten, Oakfield, Smyrna, Littleton, Monticello, etc. and I think we’ll need at least 20 people for Houlton.  We have a lot to cover: the hospital, banks, Main Street, each school, etc.  I am also going to be looking for sponsors to help with the cost of merchandise/t-shirts.  This year t-shirts were pre-order/pre-paid only – next year I would like shirts to be on hand and sold on a as needed basis.


Businesses that participated in Light It Up Blue

Lisa’s Hair Design

Pioneer Broadband

Main Street Fitness

Jean’s Serendipity

Houlton Town Office

Machias Savings Bank

AKI Kickboxing

FA Peabody

Houlton Farms Dairy

Shin Pond Pub

Hangar Pizza

Bells Chiropractic Office

Houlton Post Office


Chadwick’s Florist

Bowers Funeral Home

York’s of Houlton

Grammy’s Country Inn Restaurant

North Country Gifts

Aroostook County District Court

Aroostook County Sheriff’s Office

Spring Break Maple & Honey

Stepping Stones

Houlton Police Dept.

Kim’s Kare


Don’t forget that Austim Awareness month is ALL month long (April)!  We are continuing to sell our light up pins ($3) and silicone wrist bands ($2).  I am more than happy to do mail orders but I must RECEIVE payment first! I am researching online stores and will hopefully have one up in the very near future so you can just order online.



You just don’t realize how very much this means to me. To have my goals not only met but blown to smithereens….that is a powerful feeling :)


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