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Herb of the Week: Scullcap


Scientific Name: Scutellaria Lateriflora

Part Used: Flowers and Leaves.  Psst…’s a member of the mint family!

Therapeutic Actions: antibacterial, antispasmodic, antiallergenic, cooling, diuretic, promotes bile flow, strongly anti-inflammatory, sedative.  This herb is extremely helpful for treating the nervous system: reduces pain, eases tension, feeds, tones, rehabilitates and strengths the nervous system, helps promote sleep and can even help to gently soothe and nourish the peripheral nerves and muscle tissue.

Medicinal Uses:  It’s really great to use for headaches, nerve tremors, stress, menstrual tension, insomnia and nervous exhaustion.

Recipe: Headache and Nervous Stress Tea:

2 parts Scullcap, 2 parts Lemonbalm, 1/2 part Feverfew and 4 parts Chamomile.  Do NOT boil this herb as it is super sensitive to heat. Add your tea mixture to pre-boiled water.  Steep for 20 minutes. Drink 1/4th cup every 30 minutes until symptoms have disappeared. Can be consumed hot or cold. It can also be reheated.

Adverse Reactions:   The Scutellaria Lateriflora herb is a strong, effective herb but traditionally there are no danger of overdosing if used over a prolonged period of time. Recently there has been some concern about scullcap and it’s potential for liver toxicity.  However, it has been found that germander that is frequently sold as scullcap is the culprit behind this new concern.  Be sure you are getting genuine, PURE Scutellaria Lateriflora.  Scullcap is NOT to be used when pregnant.

Toxicity: ———-

Drug Interactions: can increase the effect of drugs that have a sedating effect, including: Anticonvulsants such as phenytoin (Dilantin) and valproic acid (Depakote), Barbiturates, Benzodiazepines such as alprazolam (Xanax) and diazepam (Valium), Drugs to treat insomnia, such as zolpidem (Ambien), zaleplon (Sonata), eszopiclone (Lunesta), and ramelteon (Rozerem), Tricyclic antidepressants such as amitriptyline (Elavil), Alcohol.


********WARNING: The following information is provided to you for a more natural approach to common, everyday ailments.  This information should not replace your primary care physician and as with starting any new medication regiment, please discuss with your doctor.   It is always safest to perform a skin patch test prior to implementing new remedies to be sure you are not allergic. This information is not imparted  to determine dietary changes, provide course of treatment, prescribe as medication or diagnose any diseases/syndromes/conditions/disorders.  Please carefully research new recipes and ideas before implementing. ********

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Keeping Winter Skin Nourished

I don’t know about you, but this time of year is brutal to my skin.  It’s a constant battle to be free of dry, flaky winter time skin. So how can we have smooth, summer time skin year round?


You’ve heard me say it before, your skin is your largest organ. Here’s a new tip: your skin is the last organ to receive water.  So skin is: the largest organ and the last to get water.  Don’t have a clue as to how much water you should be drinking? Here’s a quick calculation – divide your weight by half (150/2=75).  Instead of saying 75 pounds we are going to change pounds to ounces (75 ounces).  And that is how much water you should be targeting for daily intake.  For a typical person this is a great calculation but remember there are variables that could change this formula such as exercise, health issues, etc.


Body Brushing

IMG_3975check out my adorable rubber ducky body brush

Have you ever heard of body brushing? Take a soft bristled brush and vigorously rub your body with it.  This helps exfoliate the body, eliminating dead skin cells, hair and other gobbly gook.  By exfoliating the dead stuff away your skin has better breathability. Body brushing also increases circulation, may help reduce cellulite, may improve the lymphatic system (hello detoxification!) and invigorates your body. Get a body brush here!


Epsom Salt Baths

Epsom salts are not actually salt, but a naturally occurring pure mineral compound of sulfates and magnesium.  Magnesium plays a host of roles including regulating enzymes, reduces inflammation, soothes muscles and promotes sleep. Sulfates help improve the absorption of nutrients, flush toxins and help ease migraine headaches.

By bathing in Epsom salts, not only will it easy sore muscles and help you get sleepy but it will draw moisture to the top of your skin.

Want to skip the bath but still get the benefits of Epsom salts? Pick up some of our salt scrubs from the Bee Morse Farm store for the same magnesium and sulfate benefits.


Skip the Hot Water

I know a piping hot shower is the most tempting way to warm up during the winter but it’s also one of the easiest way to get dry skin.  Hot water strips the natural oils, called sebum (learn more here), from your skin faster than you can say zip-a-dee-doo-dah.


Only Use Soap When Necessary

Say WHAT?!?!?! Don’t get me wrong, I am not telling you to stop using soap altogether. But unless you NEED to lather up (ie. sweaty gym body), only wash necessary parts as soap is another of those natural oil strippers. I am a secretary by day and calm, relaxing yoga is my go to exercise so I don’t really get sweaty or have clumps of dirt clinging to me after a day at work in the winter so I don’t wash my arms, belly, back or legs as frequently as I do during the summer time.   P.S. – I do wash stinky creases everyday though (elbows, armpits, knees, etc).


 Say Yes to Air Drying

Don’t reach for your towel after a shower! By vigorously rubbing the water off your skin post shower you are not only rubbing off water that should be absorbed but you are disturbing your sebum, which help provide moisture to the surface of your skin. Instead of drying off, apply a body butter (get some here) to your wet skin, which will help seal that moisture in.


Darn! I Already Dried Off

If you forgot and dried off, or your body is still extra dry half way through the day, squirt a quarter size drop of lotion in your palm, quickly run your hand under a running facet and apply to body. By adding water to your lotion, the water will help pull it into your skin.  Remember, what you put onto your skin is pulled through and enters your bloodstream.  I bet if you sweet talked Kathryn at Took A Leap Farm she would mail you some of their all natural goats milk lotion. It’s my absolute favorite!


By incorporating these little tips into your daily routine you can have soft, summer skin even in the dead of winter.


What’s your favorite way to keep skin nourished during the winter?



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This journey I am on…….

A bit over 2 and a half years ago my husband and I purchased our little patch of heaven,  42 acres of wooded bliss.  It has a a river that runs the entire back border of the property, a 3 acre field, almost smack dab in the middle of the acreage and our dream house will be about 1000 feet from the main road, tucked in the woods.  We have so much wildlife out there: bunnies hop to and fro, ruffled grouse can be heard drumming (seriously, the first time I heard it I thought someone was trying to start a dead tractor…..a little city girl don’tcha think?), white tailed deer and we’ve spied fox, coyotes, bears and moose on our trail cameras. In the spring time, as soon as we hit the driveway, the truck windows get rolled down and it’s radio silence so we can hear the birds chirping and singing, darting through the forest, flitting from branch to branch.  If you stand still enough, and breathe deeply enough, you can hear the brook bubbling in the background.

In the summer months you can hear the chubby, clumsy bumblebees buzzing from flower to flower, watch the honeybees land on their hives, their baskets full of pollen.  You can hear the rooster crow from just down the road and smell the clover growing in our field. It’s amazing and captivating and enchanting and extraordinary.  The very first time I stepped foot on that property, it filled this hole I had in my soul.  A hole I didn’t even know existed. This little piece of earth filled me with peace. THIS is where I am supposed to be.

And the dreams began……I dream of a little red barn, nestled in the corner of the field, walking out to it in the early morning light.  The mist hanging heavy in the air, smelling of fresh hay (and probably manure, ha!), hearing the sheep baa-ing and the mini cow (yes their real!) moo-ing and the chickens clucking.  I dream of a pond big enough for the boys to splash the hot summer days away or do a little fishing in. Of hearing big ole bullfrogs and crickets serenading us to sleep. I dream of white picket fences and flowers galore. Of porch rocking chairs and tall glasses of ice cold lemonade sparkling in the summer sun.  Of long winter months snuggled around the fire, knitting in my hands, with fiber from my very own sheep (but of course). I dream of this beautiful garden that will bless us with the best kind of nourishment and meat grown and harvested right from our very own land.

Just 3 years ago I didn’t really have a life dream. I can’t say that I was wandering through life aimlessly, but I didn’t really have a particular direction on where to go.  It seems this property has unlocked that for me.  In the last 2 years I have become a Master Gardener, a herbalist in training, a Farmers Market vendor and now I’m jumping on the whole food advocate train.  I’m growing more conscious of what I put in my body, not just food but other environmentals too. I’m learning about what toxins are entering my body, where they are coming from, if they are leaving my body and how can I help them get out.  It’s amazing to learn what our modern day environment is doing to us.

Are you interested in learning more about this?

Have you started this journey yet?

What is the best thing you’ve done to rid your body of chemicals?


Gift Certificates Are Here!


Yay! We’ve finally got gift certificates available online!  They do come in any denomination –

if you don’t see the amount you would like to gift on our site, just email me and we can set something up.

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What is Aromatherapy?



noun \ə-ˌrō-mə-ˈther-ə-pē\

the use of natural oils that have a pleasant smell to make a person feel better especially by rubbing the oils into the skin


Personally, I think Jade Shutes sums it up best: “Aromatherapy can be defined as the art and science of utilizing naturally extracted aromatic essences from plants to balance, harmonize and promote the health of body, mind and spirit.  It is an art and science which seeks to explore the physiological, psychological and spiritual realm of the individual’s response to aromatic extracts as well as to observe and enhance the individual’s innate healing process.  As a holistic practice, Aromatherapy is both a preventative approach as well as an active method to employ during acute and chronic stages of illness or disease.

It is a natural, non-invasive modality designed to affect the whole person not just the symptom or disease and to assist the body’s natural ability to balance, regulate, heal and maintain itself by the correct use of essential oils.

Aromas hit the nose, pass through the blood brain barrier and go directly to the parts of the brain that affect our emotion and nervous system before we are even aware we smell them. By using essential oils, herbs and flowers we can affect our moods. Familiar smells such as great Aunt Betty’s lavender sachets, a fresh peeled orange or a peppermint stick can trigger warm, happy thoughts and feelings of contentedness. Heavy disinfectants that are similar to those found in hospitals can bring about feelings of fear or despair.

When your purchasing aromatherapy items it is a buyer beware market. There are many items that claim to be aromatheraputic (cleaning products, soaps, candles, air fresheners, etc.) but instead of natural fragrances they are full of synthetic chemicals that could do more harm than good. Read ingredient labels and use reputable companies that you know use real essential oils and other natural fragrances.

What is your absolute favorite aromatherapy item? Did you ever have a bad experience with aromatherapy? Share your thoughts!

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What are Essential Oils?

Spa scene with natural cosmetics


es·sen·tial oil
noun: essential oil; plural noun: essential oils

a natural oil typically obtained by distillation and having the characteristic fragrance of the plant or other source from which it is extracted.

Essential oils have been around for ages, almost 6,000 years to be exact! The ancient Chinese, Indians, Egyptians, Greeks and Romans used essential oils as medicinal treatments, in cosmetics and for perfumes. They were often used therapeutically, spiritually and held great reverence in rituals. Over the centuries essential oils were placed on the back burners and almost completely forgotten about until World War I, when a French chemist started studying lavender essential oil after he applied it to a burn he suffered from a laboratory explosion. It was then field tested on soldiers and the studies commenced. By the 1950’s, essential oils started to come back into play being used by massage therapists, homeopathic medical practitioners, beauticians and other health care providers. But it wasn’t until the 1980’s that essential oils started to become popular in the United States

Essential oils are super, duper concentrated extracts taken from all parts of the plants; roots, leaves, seeds, blossoms and bark. Each essential oil is 100% unique and has it’s own set of healing properties, better known as therapeutic actions.  The therapeutic action comes from the chemical compounds that are found in the plant. Due to the process of extracting the essential oil from the plant, only some of the chemical compounds are found in essential oils, making the whole herb a better choice for healing purposes.  That is not to say that essential oils are not highly prized for their healing abilities though!

Used properly, essential oils are a benefit to anyone’s life, but you need to use extreme caution when working with them. NEVER, and I do mean NEVER, take an essential oil by mouth and NEVER use undiluted essential oils on the skin unless you are under the care of a trained professional.  One drop of essential oil is the equivalent to about 30 cups of medicinal tea or 10 teaspoons of tincture and overdosing on essential oils is a real danger.

Are you interested in learning more about essential oils? Have you used them before? What’s your favorite oil and how do you use it?

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February’s Foodie Penpal

Don’t know what a foodie penpal is?

Check out my earlier blog about Lindsay of the Lean Green Bean‘s Foodie Penpal program here.

The Reveal:

The FPP’s big reveal day was supposed to be yesterday but I only got my box on Tuesday and I didn’t have enough time to get photos and get a post about it before now.  I guess there are some up sides to waking up at 3 am 😉 Apologies for such crummy photos but my eyes are still bleary.

My foodie penpal for this month was Nae of the blog,  I Choose The Sun. Let me tell you she must live in my head or something – this box was a treasure chest for me :)  Nae forgot to put her note into the box and mailed it separately. Of course I got the note first.  I opened that little envelope and my jaw dropped when I read what she had packed me.  How unfair- why didn’t I get my box first???!!! Red velvet whoopie pies?!?!  Coconut galore?!?!?  O.M.G., I love this gal! Tuesday I had to do a fast drive-by of my house during lunch and my box was there. Knowing what was in the box my brain instantly had a meltdown.  I tear into the box, palm up those lovely whoopie pies thinking all the while “this stuff is coming with ME!” (insert maniacal laughter here).  As I’m heading out the door my brain finally kicks on “WAIIIITTT a minute!!!! You have to take photos for your blog first” wwwwhhhhaaatttt???  NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!  I trudge back inside, head hanging, to return my goodies to the box.  I thought about them all afternoon at work, seriously.  I’m pretty sure all the work I did Tuesday afternoon had a lot of errors.  My poor sugar deprived brain :(  So you better appreciate these photos!


Jace has come to love the FPP program as much as I do.  When these boxes roll through our door he’s is stuck to me like white on rice, waiting to see what treasure he’s going to snatch away from me.  These jellybeans were his pick this month.  He grabbed them up in his little grubby hands and off he runs: me tearing of behind him, the dog chasing me, the cat behind the dog, chaos ensueing…….all for this photograph folks.  As I’m sure you’ve guessed, the jellybeans are G-O-N-E gone.

IMG_1648I haven’t had the time to try this yet but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE peanut butter.  I’m pretty sure I won’t have a problem with this :)


Have you ever seen these before?  We have them in almost every gas station up here but I’ve never tried them.  I didn’t actually know they were (supposed) to be coconut.  I was quite excited about these because I was like, I’m gonna love these AND be able to get them afterwards.  One of the biggest downfalls of the FPP is that I usually can’t find the products I like again. Those coconut bars from September still haunt me. They were delicious but they only make them in the U.K. and on a weird schedule like the-3rd-Thursday-of-the-month-starting-with-M-but-only-if-it’s-a-full-moon type weird schedule. Anyway….. these bars are full of fakeness. You can’t taste (or even feel) the coconut at all.  You know the old style red food coloring taste? That’s what the strawberry taste like….a bunch of gross flavorings.  The chocolate had a fake lemony aftertaste and didn’t taste like chocolate at all.  Needless to say, I was not a big fan of these.


Haven’t had a chance to try these yet either.  I”m kind of afraid to though….I’m not a huge fan of mango. However, it has coconut in it so I WILL be trying these.


These were way disappointing in my book.  Have you ever tried any gluten free stuff? These had the texture of gluten free- heavy and dense- but were so, super crumbly. If you held onto this little treat too long it crumbled to powder right out of your hand.  The flavor was decent and they looked delicious but the overall sandwich…. not good.


I am so, so, so, so, soooooo excited to try this. Seriously, gingerbread cookie butter?????  Um, YUMM-O!!! I’m trying to figure out exactly how I’m going to use it.  I’m thinking this is going to be the base for some delicious frosting. Chocolate cake with some whipped gingerbread frosting?  Sounds good to me!

Thank you so much for such a fun box Nae!  I feel like you are either my sugar soul mate or you took the time to realize that I wasn’t joking when I said I loved sugar :)

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Another Box O’ Goodies

I’m a little ashamed to admit that I’m only on my third box to my first soldier.  The very first box I sent was from the Soldiers Angels website.  It’s nice to just be able to order something without having to worry about what to pack but at the same time I want to be able to put personalized items in my boxes.  I thought with my first box that I would be able to track it and get an idea how long it would take for a package to get delivered to Soldier A but the post office failed to scan my package after the first transfer.  As I still haven’t heard from Soldier A I have not a clue in the world if he even got it :(  My local post office is trying to help me track it down but because it’s left the state of Maine it’s basically going to be impossible to do – grrr.  So hopefully these two boxes will be tracked properly and then I can get an idea of how long the packages take to arrive.

I decided to do an “entertainment” package.  I was thinking of sending popcorn but I don’t know if they have access to microwaves.  If anyone has any tips for me PLEASE let me know.  I would be forever in your debt!


I was so disappointed in Walmart.  They took away their $1 toy section.  I was going to fill up on that stuff but Walmart has, once again, fallen through. I guess that was a blessing in disguise though because I visited 3 of our little mom & pop shops instead.


I’m still not 100% sure of what my soldier’s interest are but I figured babes and food….could you really go wrong?  I’m taking a gamble on the books but I figured whatever he doesn’t like he’ll share.  Here’s hoping my boxes will find my soldiers……and in one piece!

Don’t know what I’m talking about?  Click here to see my first post on Soldier’s Angels.

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January Foodie Penpal

YAY it’s Foodie Penpal time of the month again!  This month my penpal was the lovely Hima.  Her blog is All Four Burners and can be found here. Hima caught the flu, unfortunately, right around the time my box was supposed to be sent out so it was a little late getting here (completely understandable don’tcha think?) so we haven’t had any time to test out the products.  I’ve been on this huge granola kick so getting this yummy granola is awesome.  I just might have to share this hot sauce with my brother, Ted.  He’s a connoisseur of all things hot sauce related 😉  And last but not least, I’m almost positive Dominic and Jace will be claiming the chocolate sauce.  I think I can hear the spoons clinking against the glass right now………


Thank you Hima for a wonderful package!!!

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