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Herb of the Week: Plantain

PlantagoMajorOne of my favorite herbs for infusing and making salves with is plantain.

The best part?  You can find it in your own backyard! Most people actually consider plantain weed!

Scientific Name: Plantago Major

Part Used: Root, Leaves, Flower Spikes, Seeds

Therapeutic Actions: Refrigerant, diuretic, emollient, antiseptic, anti-venomous, styptic, vermicide, vulnerary

Medicinal Uses: Relieves pain from cuts, scratches, boils, burns and scalds. Helps ease inflammation & eczema. Externally it helps stop bleeding of minor wounds and the itching of poison ivy. Internally it can help with thrush, blood poisoning, bleeding ulcers, diarrhea, bed wetting, syphilis, toothaches, removes parasitic worms such as ringworm.

Recipe: Apply fresh leaves that have been bruised to relieve stings and bites from poisonous insect (think mosquitoes or black flies).  Apply leaves directly to affected area,  cover the leave and keep the area moist with juice of the plantain leaf.  If itching still occurs when the leaf has dried out, repeat procedure.

Adverse Reactions: Nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, anorexia, bloating, hyper-sensitivity and dermatitis may arise. Life threatening anaphylaxis may occur in more serious cases.

Toxicity: The 70% ethanol extract was found to be toxic to shrimps but P. major possesses a low toxicity in rats after oral and intraperitoneal administration.

Contraindications: Should not be used during pregnancy or if breastfeeding. Should not be used in persons with intestinal obstruction or those who developed hyper sensitivity to plantain.

Drug Interactions: decreased the actions of the drug carbamazepine (treats epilepsy) and enhances the effects of cardiac glycosides  (used in drugs to treat atrial fibrillation, heart failure and congenital heart defects)

Head on over to the SHOP for salves that include plantain.  We have wound care, burn care and insect bite that all contains plantain!

********WARNING: The following information is provided to you for a more natural approach to common, everyday ailments.  This information should not replace your primary care physician and as with starting any new medication regiment, please discuss with your doctor.   It is always safest to perform a skin patch test prior to implementing new remedies to be sure you are not allergic. This information is not imparted  to determine dietary changes, provide course of treatment, prescribe as medication or diagnose any diseases/syndromes/conditions/disorders.  Please carefully research new recipes and ideas before implementing. ********

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The genius behind the packaging of Bee Morse Farm

Okay, so the genius is me and I’m totally tooting my own horn. But I can’t help be impressed with myself for my latest creations.  I’ve launched a Valentine pin collection at my Etsy store. Among the selection are the following pins:

IMG_1562 This little guy is one in a series of monster I’ve Got My Eye On You valentine pins


The “official” pin of Bee Morse Farm- Valentine, Will You Bee Mine?


And for my pirate loving son :)

Of course my sheer ingeniousness doesn’t always hit me right away.  In this case it took months! Way back last May, right after we closed on the land,  I was searching for honey labels. Seriously, I was honey label shopping before I even ordered the bees. I stumbled upon this website and after working with Anne (she is seriously one of the BEST people on the face of the Earth.  I love her so, so much!)  on the honey labels I had all these ideas zooming around in my head. I dreamed of all the labels I could use and the products we could sell.  I went nuts, I admit it. I have a list of products I want to do that is a mile long, all including honey, beeswax, or the combination of the 2. I should probably mention that even though I have the honey labels, and 700 one pound honey bottles (that is the real  number folks, NOT an exaggeration), my girls produced zero pounds of extra honey I could take last year. So all those products and labels I’ve dreamed of  will have to wait until the end of this summer. Well, hopefully we’ll have honey and beeswax by the end of summer!

Anyway…….since last May I have been working with Anne on creating a logo, and getting my business cards (they are mini Moo Cards from Moo Cards). I’ve been tweaking things here and there…font changes, color changes, etc. I think I’ve finally settled on the official logo of Bee Morse Farm!  You know, the one that will be trademarked (I’m actually in the process of doing that as I type – whoo hoo!)


My very first label design! Our applesauce and pickles, which by the way, I can’t legally sell until I get my kitchen licensed.  That is a project I must tackle extremely soon. Aren’t these labels beyond fun :)



My latest new packaging items are beyond ridiculously cute:custom rubber stamps from Bear Rubber Stamps.  Seriously they are so incredible.  She captured the details I wanted perfectly! Bee Morse Farm


Bee Morse Farm Apple leather – yum!

I am so, so, so excited about everything coming together. I love creating new products so I can come up with a nifty little package to match it. *Sigh* I wish I could quit my job and do this stuff full time but alas, people need to start buying my cutely packaged items before I can even remotely think about getting done a job that puts a roof over our head.  In due time I hope…….