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Hi!  My name is Jacquie Morse, mom of 2 beautiful boys, Dominic & Jace.  Dominic is autistic and everyday he teaches me something amazing.  Jace, a.k.a. J.J.,  is too darn smart & inquisitive  for anyone’s good, including his momma’s.  I’m married to Josh and we are truly a match made in heaven- although at times it certainly doesn’t feel like it 😉  We live in Northern Maine (Aroostook County better known as “The County”) and  just bought 42 acres of pure bliss – 7 acres of cleared field, 35 acres of woods & a stream to boot :) At this time we don’t actually live on the property – we are still “in town” people but we have BIG plans to start building in a few years and turning it into a hobby farm – my dream :)  Hopefully I can get Josh to let me have every animal my little heart desires……fingers crossed!   Come follow along!

Josh and I


10245464_10152300643796483_217933146473705889_nJace and Remington

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  1. Terri Hemore says:

    I love your website. I want to try your product and try the jams.

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